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More than just good mountain bikes

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Identifying good mountain bikes

High End Finding Good Mountain Bikes at Bargain PricesRead on for some important things that you must understand and consider prior to taking that shiny new mountain bike home. No two companies build good mountain bikes exactly to the same specification or quality.  Take the time to remember that every rider will have a distinct need and requirements, therefore the manufacturers need to be able to cater to these needs and requirements.  Almost all mountain bike manufacturers provide three or four main product lines, then they will have different levels within those product lines.  You as the potential owner need to be savy when purchasing your new bike.

Regardless of whether you happen to be looking for good mountain bikes in your local bike retailer or at a large supermarket outlet, it won’t take particularly long for you to have a pretty good idea of which type of bike  is the most popular.   If you, like me, grew up in the eighties you will definately be familiar the dragster bikes with the three speed T-Bar shift, butterfly handle bars, sissy rack and long banana seat, later came the good old ten speed racing bikes, it was like every kid had one.   Plenty of people however don’t actually notice the difference between the bikes yet alone understand those particular differences between the mountain bikes.

Will it be downhill, all mountain or XC mountain biking?

Faith S 225 Finding Good Mountain Bikes at Bargain PricesFirst, decide exactly what your new mountain bike is going to wind up being used for. Seriously, there isn’t any other method to really ascertain precisely what mountain bike is best suited for to your requirements. In the event you dont already know the type of riding you intend to do or are yet to try ithat particular type of riding out, ask a sales person for some advice or read some MTB forums.

Remember a large number of sales representatives end up getting paid a commission to market a particular brand or model of bike. Allow the sales representative talk, however don’t get drawn into everything they claim.  Understand that the frame type, frame size, the gear shifters, the brakes and the price  should be factored into any decision you make.  The choice is ultimately yours and should be made according to your needs, mindful research, evalutations and planning.

I highly recommend the try before you buy process of elimination. It pretty easy to test ride a  bike before deciding its the right bike for you. I actually try out a number of different bikes a test ride now prior to you making the big decision can save you a lot more than cash when choosing between lower end discounted bikes. By taking these simple yet necessary measures to obtaining the exact bike you need will ensure that purchase the most bike for your money and take home a bike that is matched to suit your needs.

Researching mountain bike prices

GT Sensor 2 Womens MTB 150x150 Finding Good Mountain Bikes at Bargain Prices

GT Sensor 2.0 GTW Women's Mountain Bike

Your research for good mountain bikes, should be not different to any other research you under take.  Get to know the brands, and the models each brand has to offer.  Become familiar with the components fitted to each model and to each brand.  Do it exactly like you would do other things.  Check different sites to get the best deal available. You can drive from one bike shop or retailer to the next to test ride but first let your fingers do the walking , you will find this by far the best method to finding the best deals. My daughter often reminds me that Google is your friend.

I recently purchased a $1400.00 MTB for just over $700.00 and was extremely happy.  I just searched for good mountain bike brand and found a K2 Zed 4.4 mountain bike heavily discounted by 58%. If it is not already gone and you are a women after a very good XC mountain bike snatch it up because that is a great value for money.


generic486x60 Finding Good Mountain Bikes at Bargain Prices

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